Stoney Royd Cemetery


General Notes

Stoney Royd Cemetery – aka Halifax Corporation Cemetery and the Borough cemetery – was built by Halifax Corporation on the site of Stoney Royd House.

It was begun on 7th June 1860. Opened in 1863.

In May 1863, the Cemetery Committee recommended that a part of the Cemetery be set aside for use by the Roman Catholics. A deputation of Nonconformists and Dissenters – including

- objected to this on the grounds that, if this were to happen, any and every other religious denomination might claim similar concessions, to the detriment of the Cemetery, and that Catholics already had use of the Halifax General Cemetery.

There were 3 chapels: Anglican, Catholic and Nonconformist.

Stoney Royd Hospital was opened here in 1872.

There is a War Memorial here.

As the graveyards of some other churches and chapels in the district have closed, the remains were reinterred at Stoney Road. These include:

The small Gothic Lodge is listed, and has been used as Council Offices for the Parks Department.

It was boarded-up [2003] and then converted into a private house [2008].

A porcelain model of a part of the Lodge is used as The Magic Lantern in the Lilliput Lane series of china ornaments

See Lister Lane Plot 170, Marshall Hunsworth, Quarmby & Mills, William Riley and South Parade Methodist Chapel, Halifax: Graveyard

The Burial Registers are shown in the CD entitled Stoney Royd Burial Registers

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