The School Boys' Resolution
Dr Fawcett's Academy at Brearley Hall

The pupils at Dr John Fawcett's Academy at Brearley Hall recited the following School Boys's Resolution


May heavenly mercy lend an ear
   To hear a child's request,
That I my maker's name may fear
   And be for ever blest.


O might I learn his will to know
   His holy word to love;
That I may serve him here below,
   And dwell with him above.


My parents who with tender care
   Do all my wants supply;
With grateful love and humble fear,
   I'll honour till I die.


May but kind heaven grant me grace
   My studies to pursue,
Learning's mysterious path I'll trace,
   With pleasure ever new.


My lesson thus my joy shall be.
   My book my constant play
Then will my friends my progress see,
   I'm making every day.


My native tongue I'll strive to learn,
   My study this shall be,
That I its beauties may discern
   And speak it properly


T'would be a shame to leave the school
   And not to understand,
By method and grammatic rule,
   The language of our land.


In writing fair I'll strive to shine.
   And ev'ry youth excel;
Improving still in ev'ry line,
   My copy minding well.


Arithmetic shall oft engage,
   My study and my care;
Then to revolve the classic page,
   I eagerly prepare.


What pleasant flow'rs in all the fields,
   Of wisdom do I find;
Each science some advantage yields,
   To beautify the mind.


May I my kind instructors love,
   And not their words despite;
But by my grateful conduct prove.
   How much their help I prize.


Each path of danger may I shun,
   And chuse (sic) the way of truth;
'Tis pleasant in that way to run,
   E'en in the days of youth.

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